Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changes to my email habbits and etc.

The Prewitts have sold a lot of things in the last three weeks, and what a relief to have less stuff!

Also, we have had comments from recipients of our email notifications. These have indicated that we were sending too many emails. So if you are on the email list, expect the next email to give you a chance to choose whether you would like an email once or twice a month (plan A), an email once a quarter (plan B), or a physical snail-mail letter once a year (plan C) or very frequent updates (plan D...which will mean "subscribe to the blog.").

Today we are booking tickets for the round-the-world trip that will allow us to help this establish and support these mission-training centers in England, Ukraine, India, and at Weimar. Here is the incredible blessing: The total cost for this circumnavigation of the globe is $2200 per person. Praise God for, a travel agency that specializes in missionary and humanitarian discounts. 

Heard from Adam Ramdin this morning. He is the head of the England center. While Heidi and I are there the whole class of students will take a trip to Iona in Scotland and I will be able to share some truth in that place so illustrious in history as a source of evangelical missions to the then-pagan continent of Europe. Wonderful.

The school in India will be about 30 miles southeast of Hyderabad. I am praying often and earnestly about how to help this nation of victims of pagan superstition and corruption. (I do not mean to sound demeaning. We in the west are victims of post-Christian materialism.)

Time for breakfast....

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