Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful experiences, bad math, spring timing

Yesterday was a powerful day for the group working out of Ola, Arkansas. The six man team had out 142 magabooks. (Six? I hear some saying. Yes, Aimee and Lorina were sick and not able to go out.) I was working in the afternoon, leading with Beth Johns, and that was convenient in that I had a witness of the kind of daily miracles that gladden my life.

For example, six or seven homes on a certain street were not going to be done. That was OK with me since there were lots and lots of homes that we wouldn't get done and these were low more inconvenient than most (across the street from the Watchtower, on a road that only had houses on one side, etc.)

But as I was driving to check on a certain student, I made a wrong turn that put me on that street. And at that moment a vehicle turned onto the street also and parked in one of those driveways. I had the thought "you can't skip these homes." And as I came to the end of the block (read, 14 seconds later...) Heidi Hunt appeared at the intersection at the perfect time for me to roll down my window and ask her to briefly ignore my directions and to do those homes. The result: three of the homes bought magabooks and the one where that car pulled in...bought six of them.

Two separate families that we have met already here have been invited to church and Lorina and Helen expect at least one (maybe both) to show up tomorrow.

One of the young ladies (I won't share her name) had another kind of miracle yesterday. She badly needed to use a restroom and I wasn't available to get her to one. She kept hoping to find a friendly home where she could ask...but at one door, when it opened, she realized she couldn't hold it any longer. She handed the books in her hand to the confused homeowner and confessed that she badly needed to use the restroom immediately. Thankfully, the lady of the home pointed her to the hallway. When the relieved canvasser returned to apologize for the odd introduction, the lady with the books asked how much they cost...and she hadn't even been canvassed yet! She bought several.

On the other fronts, the group in Pennsylvania started working yesterday. I invited them to quit early since they arrived at 3:00 AM after a 1200 mile trip. Georgia and Kentucky both had their first full day and all was and is well.

Today I will head home to get more books for the Arkansas group...and will try to do my taxes in two hours or less while I am there...and return to the group in the evening time.

One high point of our program here in AR has been that we had Michael Wolford working with us for two days. He is the pastor of our church plant in Arkadelphia, but is a stipend pastor there. And he will be canvassing part-time to supplement the stipend he receives for pastoring.  I am convinced that this will be a great boon to our ministry in Arkadelphia.

The house sale is moving along smoothly, though today I will probably have to explain how I can be a college teacher and have pay stubbs that show that I earn $1,000 per month.

Sabbath comes this evening...wonderful news. Be faithful,


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