Monday, November 28, 2016

From Malaysia with Love

It has been five years since I wrote a blog post. That disqualifies me as a blogger, I suppose.

But three days ago I began advertising for an incredible series of meetings that begin this coming Friday (the same day that my nephew, Zachary, arrives from the states). I have been living in Asia for more than a year now, and I find Tampin to be my favorite place of all the areas where I have spent considerable time.

Why? The People are incredibly kind (though differences in race, language and religion make some people less likely to talk than others). And the mountains are full of monkeys and birds. (Yes, I have identified more than 100 species here near Tampin!)

But more than these two reasons, it is because of the Health Center called Aenon Farm. ("Aenon" is a transliteration of a Chinese phrase that roughly means "Love is Powerful." The Aenon Farm helps people overcome disease (including heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, etc.). And since I have been here, Aenon allows me to give lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday morning on holistic health.

What is holistic health? It is the idea that our bodies, our minds, and our characters are very directly linked together. So when I have the attention of the "health guests" I explain to them how being depressed literally lowers the immune system and invites colds and flues. I explain how guilt does the same thing. And I explain how good health makes it easier to think and to fight addictions. (Of course, I give plenty of science data in those lectures, but is a blog a place for that?)

Heidi and I returned from Australia just last week after three weeks down under. I was lecturing around the country (Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane) on philosophy, prophecy, and on how to find truth.

And that is why I am promoting these upcoming meetings so energetically. I know the presenter. I know that he will not pressure anyone to change their beliefs. Rather, he will present facts and data that will help people think through their believes and to identify places where they have may have beliefs that do not well match reality.

For those followers of mine who live in the USA, Heidi and I come home in June and may see you in Virginia (at Piedmont) or in Washington (at YD) or in Tenneseee (with my mother and brother and his growing family) or in Arkansas (with my inlaws and church family).

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