Thursday, September 1, 2011


It has only been four months since I blogged.

So what has happened since then? An entire book's worth of events! Currently I am at PEACE (originally that stood for the Pan-European Center of Evangelism), an AFCOE affiliate in Birmingham, England.

The students are enthusiastic learners and next week I get to teach Daniel and Revelation, two of my favorite books in the Bible.

Heidi and I arrived here on Monday after several weeks teaching in California at AFCOE and AFCOE-to-Go. (And during that time I acquired a wonderful new sister when my brother married Sarah Lyons Prewitt.)

Since June I have been writing a series of Bible studies for My Bible First (out of Georgia) on a great many subjects (313 of them, a six-year cycle of weekly studies) aimed at late teens and and those in their early-twenties. But whatever interests that group will interest those older, so I am looking forward to the time when these studies will be widely available.

Then I was with Young Disciple camp in July and had a most wonderful time training the canvassers there. These were perhaps the most courageous (in a faith-strong way) group I had ever trained at camp! And the result was that they were more successful than any previous group. (In the second week, every pair of students were blessed with a sale every single day we went out!)

The canvassers in KS faced the hottest summer ever (and it didn't cool down there when they left a few weeks ago!) and yet managed to do remarkably well. Two vans (and sometimes three) managed to put out 320+ boxes of books. Other students of mine ran programs in Montana, Mississippi, New York, and Kentucky. Overall it seems that the students in these five programs knocked on 300,000 doors.

And some of them flew to Australia to organize getting the work done there. There first three days there were incredibly successful ($300/person/day!). The work will soon be prospering there.

After the summer and YD camp Heidi and I spent time in Romania for the Romanian Youth Conference (a GYC spin-off). That country is poised to fill the world with evangelistic oriented youth. (Before the summer canvassing we had been at a similar GYC-inspired meeting at Mountain View College in the Philippines.)

We miss Ouachita Hills College and Academy, our home for the last seven years). But we will see our friends there again when we return to Arkansas in November.

There is much more that could be mentioned, but I will close with this. Be faithful. Always.